General Minority Studies Ebooks

The Lineaments of Wrath: Race, Violent Crime and American Culture ebook cover
Re-imagining contested communities: Connecting Rotherham through research ebook cover
Information and Exclusion ebook cover
The Ways of the Hobo ebook cover
Border Identifications ebook cover
Chicanas and Chicanos in School: Racial Profiling, Identity Battles, and Empowerment ebook cover
Evil Arabs in American Popular Film: Orientalist Fear ebook cover
The Magazine Articles of Frederick Douglass ebook cover
A Will to Be Free, Vol. I ebook cover
Selected Addresses of Frederick Douglass ebook cover
Muslims in Britain: Making Social and Political Space ebook cover
Advertising Exposure, Memory and Choice ebook cover
Religion, Identity and Politics: Germany and Turkey in Interaction ebook cover
Challenging Fronteras: Structuring Latina and Latino Lives in the U.S. ebook cover
Cross-Cultural Women Scholars in Academe: Intergenerational Voices ebook cover
Muslim Women, Transnational Feminism and the Ethics of Pedagogy ebook cover
Voices from the Wild Horse Desert: The Vaquero Families of the King and Kenedy Ranches ebook cover
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Adaptive Responses of Native Amazonians ebook cover
The Booker T. Washington Reader ebook cover
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Race in Society: The Enduring American Dilemma ebook cover
$49.55 $66.50
Radicalism, Anti-Racism and Representation ebook cover
Diversity in the Media ebook cover
Black Women's Experiences of Criminal Justice ebook cover
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Culturally Sensitive Narrative Interventions for Immigrant Children and Adolescents ebook cover
$21.70 $28.50