General Music Ebooks

Acoustic Guitar Styles ebook cover
The Voice of the Blues: Classic Interviews from Living Blues Magazine ebook cover
Physical and Emotional Hazards of a Performing Career ebook cover
Masses by Alessandro Grandi, Giovanni Battista Chinelli, Giovanni Rigatti, Tarquinio Merula ebook cover
The Global Music Industry: Three Perspectives ebook cover
Music and Its Social Meanings ebook cover
Music by Pedro de Cristo (c. 1550-1618) ebook cover
American Music Librarianship: A Research and Information Guide ebook cover
Yodel-Ay-Ee-Oooo: The Secret History of Yodeling Around the World ebook cover
Communion Chants of the Thirteenth-Century Byzantine Asmatikon ebook cover
Oh Boy!: Masculinities and Popular Music ebook cover
Dictionary of American Classical Composers ebook cover
Sociology Of Music   Ils 91 ebook cover
Postmodern Music/Postmodern Thought ebook cover
Nineteenth-Century Piano Music ebook cover
Benjamin Britten: A Guide to Research ebook cover
Disruptive Divas: Feminism, Identity and Popular Music ebook cover
Talkin' to Myself: Blues Lyrics, 1921-1942 ebook cover
Carlos Chvez: A Guide to Research ebook cover
Giacomo Puccini: A Guide to Research ebook cover
The Language of the Modes: Studies in the History of Polyphonic Modality ebook cover
The Arts Entwined: Music and Painting in the Nineteenth Century ebook cover
Virgil Thomson: A Reader: Selected Writings, 1924-1984 ebook cover
Black Bottom Stomp: Eight Masters of Ragtime and Early Jazz ebook cover