General Political Freedom & Security Ebooks

The Economic Accomplices to the Argentine Dictatorship ebook cover
Revisiting the Origins of Human Rights ebook cover
Change the World Without Taking Power: The Meaning of Revolution Today ebook cover
The Porto Alegre Alternative: Direct Democracy in Action ebook cover
Justice and Reconciliation in Post-Apartheid South Africa ebook cover
A Global Security Triangle: European, African and Asian interaction ebook cover
The International Law of Human Trafficking ebook cover
A Perpetual Menace: Nuclear Weapons and International Order ebook cover
Terror in Our Time ebook cover
EU Foreign Policymaking and the Middle East Conflict ebook cover
Critique, Security and Power: The Political Limits to Emancipatory Approaches ebook cover
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The Great Debasement ebook cover
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Hot Spots: American Foreign Policy in a Post-Human-Rights World ebook cover
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Crisis and Commonwealth: Marcuse, Marx, McLaren ebook cover
$36.40 $44.99
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Breaking the Ice: From Land Claims to Tribal Sovereignty in the Arctic ebook cover
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Security and Development: Investing in Peace and Prosperity ebook cover
Security, Emancipation and the Politics of Health: A New Theoretical Perspective ebook cover
The Politics of Nuclear Non-Proliferation: A pragmatist framework for analysis ebook cover
Civil-Military Relations in Post-Communist Europe: Reviewing the Transition ebook cover
The Security Context in the Black Sea Region ebook cover
Putin and Putinism ebook cover
Violence for Equality (Routledge Revivals): Inquiries in Political Philosophy ebook cover
The Concept of Military Objectives in International Law and Targeting Practice ebook cover