General Political Freedom & Security Ebooks

Human Rights and Climate Change ebook cover
EU Conflict Prevention and Crisis Management: Roles, Institutions, and Policies ebook cover
Human Rights Discourse in North Korea: Post-Colonial, Marxist and Confucian Perspectives ebook cover
Violence against Women under International Human Rights Law ebook cover
The Emancipation of Europe's Muslims: The State's Role in Minority Integration ebook cover
Baltic Biographies at Historical Crossroads ebook cover
The Middle East Today: Political, Geographical and Cultural Perspectives ebook cover
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Mexico: Narco-Violence and a Failed State? ebook cover
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The Challenge of Abolishing Nuclear Weapons ebook cover
$28.75 $40.95
Preemption: A Knife That Cuts Both Ways (Issues of Our Time) ebook cover
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Religion and Regimes: Support, Separation, and Opposition ebook cover
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Dehumanizing Christians: Cultural Competition in a Multicultural World ebook cover
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On Christendom's Far Shore: The United States and the Western Tradition ebook cover
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Transitional Justice and Peacebuilding on the Ground: Victims and Ex-Combatants ebook cover
Joining al-Qaeda: Jihadist Recruitment in Europe ebook cover
Sanctions as Grand Strategy ebook cover
Japan's Security Identity: From a Peace-State to an International-State ebook cover
Semantics of Statebuilding: Language, meanings and sovereignty ebook cover
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Contemporary Protest and the Legacy of Dissent ebook cover
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Freedom in the World 2014: The Annual Survey of Political Rights and Civil Liberties ebook cover
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The Tyranny of the Moderns ebook cover
Peacebuilding and Ex-Combatants: Political Reintegration in Liberia ebook cover
Conflict Resolution and Ontological Security: Peace Anxieties ebook cover
Weiwei-isms ebook cover