General Political Freedom & Security Ebooks

The Wit and Wisdom of Ted Kennedy ebook cover
Rethinking Democracy Promotion in International Relations: The Rise of the Social ebook cover
The Economic Accomplices to the Argentine Dictatorship ebook cover
Evolutionary Psychology and Terrorism ebook cover
Security and Hospitality in Literature and Culture: Modern and Contemporary Perspectives ebook cover
International Multiparty Mediation and Conflict Management ebook cover
Routledge Handbook of Private Security Studies ebook cover
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Reassessing the Responsibility to Protect: Conceptual and Operational Challenges ebook cover
The Business and Human Rights Landscape ebook cover
Revisiting the Origins of Human Rights ebook cover
Diplomatic Cultures and International Politics: Translations, Spaces and Alternatives ebook cover
Transformations of Security Studies: Dialogues, Diversity and Discipline ebook cover
Securitizing Global Warming: A Climate of Complexity ebook cover
Afterwords: From A Foreign Service Odyssey ebook cover
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Reinterpreting a Native American Identity ebook cover
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Gunfire-Graffiti: Overlooked Gun Crime in the UK ebook cover
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Hot Spots: American Foreign Policy in a Post-Human-Rights World ebook cover
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What Works (and Doesn't) in Reducing Recidivism ebook cover
State and Opposition in Military Brazil ebook cover
Quarterly Essay 53 That Sinking Feeling ebook cover
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The Cambridge Handbook of Human Dignity: Interdisciplinary Perspectives ebook cover
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Transparent Lives: Surveillance in Canada ebook cover
$22.25 $39.95
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Corporations Are Not People: Reclaiming Democracy from Big Money and Global Corporations ebook cover
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US-UK Counter-Terrorism after 9/11: A qualitative approach ebook cover