General Political Process Ebooks

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The Failure of China's Democratic Reforms ebook cover
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Growing Democracy in Japan: The Parliamentary Cabinet System Since 1868 ebook cover
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Participatory Democracy in Southern Europe: Causes, Characteristics and Consequences ebook cover
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The Book of Paul: The Wit and Wisdom of Paul Keating ebook cover
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Muslim-Jewish Encounters ebook cover
The Dynamics of Opposition Cooperation in the Arab World ebook cover
Islam, Democracy and the State in Algeria ebook cover
Turkey in the 21st Century: Opportunities, Challenges, Threats ebook cover
Thought Experiment: On the Powers and Limits of Imaginary Cases ebook cover
Opposition and Democracy in South Africa ebook cover
Malaysia: New States in a New Nation: New States in a New Nation ebook cover
In Search of Arab Unity 1930-1945 ebook cover
Democracy in Malaysia: Discourses and Practices ebook cover
The Politics of the New Europe: Atlantic to Urals ebook cover
International Political Economy in the 21st Century: Contemporary Issues and Analyses ebook cover
Pathways to Democracy: The Political Economy of Democratic Transitions ebook cover
Laws, Men and Machines: Modern American Government and the Appeal of Newtonian Mechanics ebook cover
Informal Power in the Greater Middle East: Hidden Geographies ebook cover
Governance and European Civil Society: Governmentality, Discourse and NGOs ebook cover
Politicians and Soldiers in Ghana 1966-1972 ebook cover
Crisis and Transition in Italian Politics ebook cover
Super PAC!: Money, Elections, and Voters after Citizens United ebook cover
The State of the Middle East: An Atlas of Conflict and Resolution ebook cover
Politics and Religion in the United States ebook cover