General Political Process Ebooks

Reluctant Europeans: Britain and European Integration 1945-1998 ebook cover
Policy & Management British Civil Servic ebook cover
The Developing British Political System: The 1990s ebook cover
Resilient Europe: A Study of the Years 1870-2000 ebook cover
Adapting to European Integration: Small States and the European Union ebook cover
The Personalisation of Politics ebook cover
The European Union, Russia and the Shared Neighbourhood ebook cover
Understanding Economics ebook cover
The Global Debt Bomb ebook cover
From Book to Screen ebook cover
The International Politics of Eurasia ebook cover
The Democratic Party of Japan in Power: Challenges and Failures ebook cover
Politics in Contemporary Southeast Asia: Authority, Democracy and Political Change ebook cover
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Campaign Confessions: Tales from the War Rooms of Politics ebook cover
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Words Kill: Calling for the Destruction of 'Class Enemies' in China, 1949-1953 ebook cover
Irish Political Studies Reader: Key Contributions ebook cover
Democracy and Myth in Russia and Eastern Europe ebook cover
The Politics of Switzerland ebook cover
Cato Supreme Court Review, 2005-2006 ebook cover
$3.15 $3.50
Televised Presidential Debates and Public Policy ebook cover
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The Idea of the Public Sphere: A Reader ebook cover
$31.25 $41.99
Civil Society and Democratization in the Arab World ebook cover
The State in India After Liberalization ebook cover
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Cato Supreme Court Review 2010-2011 ebook cover
$5.65 $6.99