General Political Process Ebooks

Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals ebook cover
Spiritual Politics: Changing the World from the Inside Out ebook cover
Alpha Dogs: The Americans Who Turned Political Spin into a Global Business ebook cover
The Uprising ebook cover
Fences and Windows: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Globalization Debate ebook cover
From Elections to Democracy ebook cover
Pacific Asia ebook cover
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The Sudan-Contested National Identities ebook cover
$16.40 $19.95
Words Kill: Calling for the Destruction of 'Class Enemies' in China, 1949-1953 ebook cover
Irish Political Studies Reader: Key Contributions ebook cover
Democracy and Myth in Russia and Eastern Europe ebook cover
The Politics of Switzerland ebook cover
Cato Supreme Court Review, 2005-2006 ebook cover
$3.15 $3.50
Televised Presidential Debates and Public Policy ebook cover
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The Idea of the Public Sphere: A Reader ebook cover
$31.25 $41.99
The Myth of Digital Democracy ebook cover
Civil Society and Democratization in the Arab World ebook cover
The American Anomaly: U.S. Politics and Government in Comparative Perspective ebook cover
The State in India After Liberalization ebook cover
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Cato Supreme Court Review 2010-2011 ebook cover
$5.65 $6.99
Lone Star Tarnished: A Critical Look at Texas Politics and Public Policy ebook cover
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Ella Grasso: Connecticut's Pioneering Governor ebook cover
$18.60 $22.99
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The Idea of the Public Sphere: A Reader ebook cover
$33.60 $41.99
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Parties and Elections in America: The Electoral Process ebook cover
$50.00 $67.99