General Political Science Ebooks

Literature and the Political Imagination ebook cover
Dividing and Uniting Germany ebook cover
Human Rights in Asia ebook cover
News Media and Power in Russia ebook cover
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East Asia and Globalization ebook cover
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Korea's Development Under Park Chung Hee ebook cover
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Democracy: Government of the People or Government of the Politicians? ebook cover
$61.70 $77.99
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Owls and Eagles: Ending the Foreign Policy Flights of Fancy of Hawks, Doves, and Neo-Cons ebook cover
$28.90 $35.99
Re-Imagining Rwanda: Conflict, Survival and Disinformation in the Late Twentieth Century ebook cover
European Union Foreign and Security Policy: Towards a Neighbourhood Strategy ebook cover
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Bridging the Divide: My Life ebook cover
$15.95 $21.00
Introduction to Emergency Management ebook cover
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Permissible Dose: A History of Radiation Protection in the Twentieth Century ebook cover
$50.25 $63.00
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Against School Reform (And in Praise of Great Teaching) ebook cover
$11.50 $13.99
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Multi-Level Governance and European Integration ebook cover
$31.25 $38.99
The American Presidents: Critical Essays ebook cover
Advocacy Organizations and Collective Action ebook cover
Religious Fundamentalism and Political Extremism ebook cover
The Political Thought of Joseph Stalin ebook cover
Bolingbroke: Political Writings ebook cover
The Political Economy of the Cambodian Transition ebook cover
How Political Parties Respond: Interest Aggregation Revisited ebook cover
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Senate Procedure and Practice ebook cover
$42.25 $52.99
Global Institutions and Development: Framing the World? ebook cover