General Political Science Ebooks

Power-Sharing and Political Stability in Deeply Divided Societies ebook cover
The Networked Young Citizen: Social Media, Political Participation and Civic Engagement ebook cover
Politics and Governance in Indonesia: The Police in the Era of Reformasi ebook cover
New Approaches to EU Foreign Policy ebook cover
US Arms Policies Towards the Shah's Iran ebook cover
Democracy, Corruption and the Politics of Spirits in Contemporary Indonesia ebook cover
Political Leadership, Nascent Statehood and Democracy: A comparative study ebook cover
Pressure Groups in British Politics ebook cover
Foreign Policy in the European Union: History, theory & practice ebook cover
Longman Companion to European Decolonisation in the Twentieth Century ebook cover
Trauma Practice in the Wake of September 11, 2001 ebook cover
Britain before the Reform Act: Politics and Society 1815-1832 ebook cover
Britain in the World Economy since 1880 ebook cover
The Politics of Decline: Understanding Postwar Britain ebook cover
Immigrants and the Informal Economy in Southern Europe ebook cover
The Myth of Absolutism: Change & Continuity in Early Modern European Monarchy ebook cover
The International Economic Crisis and the Post-Soviet States ebook cover
Russia's Authoritarian Elections ebook cover
International Politics and National Political Regimes ebook cover
Political Parties and Partisanship: Social identity and individual attitudes ebook cover
The Power of the European Court of Justice ebook cover
Gendering Politics and Policy ebook cover
Rethinking Security in Post-Cold-War Europe ebook cover
Ethnicity and Religion: Intersections and Comparisons ebook cover