General Political Science Ebooks

Global Unions?: Theory and Strategies of Organized Labour in the Global Political Economy ebook cover
The State of Germany Atlas ebook cover
Integrating Africa: Decolonization's Legacies, Sovereignty and the African Union ebook cover
The Crisis of Representation in Europe ebook cover
Families and Social Policy: National and International Perspectives ebook cover
Trade, Poverty, Development: Getting Beyond the WTO's Doha Deadlock ebook cover
Popular Politics and British Anti-Slavery ebook cover
The Dynamics of the Armed Struggle ebook cover
Volunteer Tourism in the Global South: Giving Back in Neoliberal Times ebook cover
U.S.-Venezuela Relations since the 1990s: Coping with Midlevel Security Threats ebook cover
Understanding Research: Coping with the Quantitative - Qualitative Divide ebook cover
The Geopolitics of East Asia ebook cover
Regionalism and Global Economic Integration: Europe, Asia and the Americas ebook cover
Truth About the West African Land Question ebook cover
Civic Engagement and the Baby Boomer Generation ebook cover
Politics and Economics in the Russian Far East: Changing Ties with Asia-Pacific ebook cover
Liberalism and its Practice ebook cover
The Munich Crisis, 1938: Prelude to World War II ebook cover
Challenges of Policing Democracies: A World Perspective ebook cover
Peacebuilding And Police Refor ebook cover
The Problem of Solidarity: Theories and Models ebook cover
Origins of National Interests ebook cover
The Alevis in Turkey and Europe: Identity and Managing Territorial Diversity ebook cover
South Africa and the International Media, 1972-1979: A Struggle for Representation ebook cover