General Political Science Ebooks

Visual Politics and North Korea: Seeing is Believing ebook cover
Politics of Violence: Militancy, International Politics, Killing in the name ebook cover
Israeli-Soviet Relations, 1953-1967: From Confrontation to Disruption ebook cover
French Politics: Debates and Controversies ebook cover
British Elections and Parties Review ebook cover
China's Economic System ebook cover
The Demographic Struggle for Power ebook cover
The Management of Uncertainty: Learning from Chernobyl ebook cover
Constitutional Policy in Unified Germany ebook cover
Intelligence for Peace: The Role of Intelligence in Times of Peace ebook cover
Internationalized State-Building after Violent Conflict: Bosnia Ten Years after Dayton ebook cover
Transitions Environments Translations: Feminisms in International Politics ebook cover
Conflict in Southeastern Europe at the End of the Twentieth Century ebook cover
Exploring Initiative and Referendum Law: Selected State Research Guides ebook cover
Bastard Feudalism and the Law (Routledge Revivals) ebook cover
Elie Kedourie's Approaches to History and Political Theory ebook cover
Learning and Governance in the EU Policy Making Process ebook cover
Islam in a Changing World ebook cover
Black Movements in America ebook cover
Parliamentary Opposition in Old and New Democracies ebook cover
The European Union and the New Trade Politics ebook cover
Post-Communist Parliaments: Change and Stability in the Second Decade ebook cover
Contemporary Environmentalism in the Baltic States ebook cover
Israel at the Polls 2009 ebook cover