General Political Science Ebooks

Amnesty After Atrocity?: Healing Nations After Genocide and War Crimes ebook cover
Guest Workers or Colonized Labor?: Mexican Labor Migration to the United States ebook cover
Global Democracy and the World Social Forums ebook cover
Critical Sociology ebook cover
Theorising NATO: New perspectives on the Atlantic alliance ebook cover
Israel's Colonial Project in Palestine: Brutal Pursuit ebook cover
International Mobility, Global Capitalism, and Changing Structures of Accumulation ebook cover
Radical Religion and Violence: Theory and Case Studies ebook cover
Re-Grounding Cosmopolitanism: Towards a Post-Foundational Cosmopolitanism ebook cover
Education and Ethno-Politics: Defending Identity in Iraq ebook cover
The European Union's Foreign Policy in Comparative Perspective ebook cover
International Relations and American Dominance: A Diverse Discipline ebook cover
Telemedicine in Hospitals: Issues in Implementation ebook cover
Empowering Progressive Third Parties in the United States ebook cover
The Politics of Corruption in Dictatorships ebook cover
Democratization from Above ebook cover
The Impact of Emerging Economies on Global Energy and the Environment: Challenges Ahead ebook cover
$73.40 $99.50
The Risk of Brexit: The Politics of a Referendum ebook cover
$19.85 $25.99
Beyond Habermas: Democracy, Knowledge, and the Public Sphere ebook cover
The Uncharted Path: The Autobiography of Lee Myung-Bak ebook cover
Why Young People Don't Vote ebook cover
$6.80 $7.99
The Lynx ebook cover
$12.70 $15.95
Is Voting for Young People? ebook cover
Theorizing European Space Policy ebook cover
$66.55 $90.00