General Political Science Ebooks

Public Administration & Public Management: The Principal-Agent Perspective ebook cover
International Relations and Historical Sociology: Breaking Down Boundaries ebook cover
A Social History of Milton Keynes: Middle England/Edge City ebook cover
Perspectives on EU-Russia Relations ebook cover
Conservation and the City ebook cover
Elbridge Gerry's Salamander ebook cover
Foundation of Brtish Foreign Cb: Fndtns Btsh Forgn Py ebook cover
The Political Economy of Corruption ebook cover
Government Confronts Culture: The Struggle for Local Democracy in Southern Africa ebook cover
Gender, Politics and the State ebook cover
Public Sector Ethics: Finding and Implementing Values ebook cover
Who's Who in Russia since 1900 ebook cover
The Future of the American Labor Movement ebook cover
The 9-11 Commission Report ebook cover
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Something for Nothing ebook cover
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The Starr Report ebook cover
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Inside Rebellion ebook cover
Multinational Enterprises in India: Industrial Distribution ebook cover
Japanese Manufacturing Investment in Europe: Its Impact on the UK Economy ebook cover
Industrial Efficiency and State Intervention: Labour 1939-1951 ebook cover
Social Capitalism: A Study of Christian Democracy and the Welfare State ebook cover
The Future of the Nation-State: Essays on Cultural Pluralism and Political Integration ebook cover
Local Electronic Government ebook cover
Interpreting British Governance ebook cover