General Political Science Ebooks

Glasnost, Perestroika and the Soviet Media ebook cover
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The Political Geographies of Pregnancy ebook cover
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European Foreign Policy: Key Documents ebook cover
Sacred and Secular ebook cover
The Logic of Violence in Civil War ebook cover
Stirner: The Ego and its Own ebook cover
A History of the Soviet Union from the Beginning to the End ebook cover
Beyond Right and Left: New politics and the culture wars ebook cover
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Woodrow Wilson and the Roots of Modern Liberalism ebook cover
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Racial Politics in Post-Revolutionary Cuba ebook cover
Fighting for Ireland?: The Military Strategy of the Irish Republican Movement ebook cover
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Petrodollar Warfare: Oil, Iraq and the Future of the Dollar ebook cover
$13.90 $17.95
Bringing the War Home ebook cover
$30.60 $34.95
Gandhi: 'Hind Swaraj' and Other Writings ebook cover
Deity and Domination: Images of God and the State in the 19th and 20th Centuries ebook cover
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Professing Feminism: Education and Indoctrination in Women's Studies ebook cover
$41.15 $50.99
Japan's Changing Generations: Are Young People Creating a New Society? ebook cover
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A World in Chaos: Social Crisis and the Rise of Postmodern Cinema ebook cover
$31.65 $39.00
Official Knowledge ebook cover
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American Dream vs. the Gospel of Wealth: The Fight for a Productive Middle-Class Economy ebook cover
$17.15 $22.00
Understanding the World Economy ebook cover
The Primacy of Politics ebook cover
Doing Business Middle East ebook cover
Wartime Shanghai ebook cover