General Popular Culture Ebooks

Comics and Narration ebook cover
$123.85 $137.50
Bodies of Sound: Studies Across Popular Music and Dance ebook cover
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Trash: African Cinema from Below ebook cover
$19.90 $25.99
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Framing Class: Media Representations of Wealth and Poverty in America ebook cover
$28.90 $35.99
Streaming: Movies, Media, and Instant Access ebook cover
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Rooting for the Home Team: Sport, Community, and Identity ebook cover
$16.35 $22.50
Keeping Up with the Joneses: Envy in American Consumer Society, 1890-1930 ebook cover
Let's Bring Back ebook cover
$14.10 $14.99
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Rowdy Entrepreneurs and Insecure Dinosaurs ebook cover
$10.70 $12.99
Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself: Essays on Debut Albums ebook cover
Political Rock ebook cover
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The Science of James Bond ebook cover
$12.55 $15.95
Playing Tough: The World of Sports and Politics ebook cover
$29.65 $31.99
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Punk Record Labels and the Struggle for Autonomy: The Emergence of DIY ebook cover
$30.45 $37.99
Narrative, Identity, and the Map of Cultural Policy ebook cover
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The Mouse that Roared: Disney and the End of Innocence ebook cover
$23.35 $28.99
Star Wars vs. Star Trek ebook cover
$11.55 $14.95
Knowledge for Whom?: Public Sociology in the Making ebook cover
The Ashgate Encyclopedia of Literary and Cinematic Monsters ebook cover
Modernism Is the Literature of Celebrity ebook cover
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Heroines of Film and Television: Portrayals in Popular Culture ebook cover
$24.15 $29.99
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Sociology of Culture and Cultural Practices: The Transformative Power of Institutions ebook cover
$32.05 $39.99
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The Elvis Movies ebook cover
$42.25 $52.99
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Motorsports and American Culture: From Demolition Derbies to NASCAR ebook cover
$67.15 $84.99