General Probability & Statistics Ebooks

Structural Equations with Latent Variables ebook cover
Statistical Analysis with Missing Data ebook cover
The Fitness of Information: Quantitative Assessments of Critical Evidence ebook cover
A Signal Theoretic Introduction to Random Processes ebook cover
Small Area Estimation ebook cover
Response Surface Methodology: Process and Product Optimization Using Designed Experiments ebook cover
The End of Average: How We Succeed in a World That Values Sameness ebook cover
Discrete q-Distributions ebook cover
Classic Topics on the History of Modern Mathematical Statistics ebook cover
Introductory Biostatistics ebook cover
Data Mining for Business Analytics: Concepts, Techniques, and Applications with XLMiner ebook cover
Time Series Analysis ebook cover
Introduction to Stochastic Processes with R ebook cover
Introduction to Linear Models and Statistical Inference ebook cover
The Theory of Response-Adaptive Randomization in Clinical Trials ebook cover
Bootstrap Methods: A Guide for Practitioners and Researchers ebook cover
Simulation and the Monte Carlo Method ebook cover
Linear Models: The Theory and Application of Analysis of Variance ebook cover
Statistical Meta-Analysis with Applications ebook cover
Statistical Rules of Thumb ebook cover
Modeling for Insight: A Master Class for Business Analysts ebook cover
Applied Econometrics Using the SAS System ebook cover
Understanding the Mathematics of Personal Finance: An Introduction to Financial Literacy ebook cover
Statistical Factor Analysis and Related Methods: Theory and Applications ebook cover