General Probability & Statistics Ebooks

Designing for Print ebook cover
Empirical Model Building: Data, Models, and Reality ebook cover
Basic Statistics for Social Research ebook cover
Computational Statistics ebook cover
Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials: Concepts and Methodologies ebook cover
Fast Sequential Monte Carlo Methods for Counting and Optimization ebook cover
Understanding Uncertainty ebook cover
Fat-Tailed Distributions: Data, Diagnostics and Dependence ebook cover
Introduction to Statistical Analysis of Laboratory Data ebook cover
Statistics for Spatio-Temporal Data ebook cover
The Improbability Principle: Why Coincidences, Miracles, and Rare Events Happen Every Day ebook cover
Exploration and Analysis of DNA Microarray and Other High-Dimensional Data ebook cover
Design, Evaluation, and Analysis of Questionnaires for Survey Research ebook cover
Computational Approaches to Studying the Co-Evolution of Networks and Behavior in Social Dilemmas ebook cover
The Biostatistics of Aging: From Gompertzian Mortality to an Index of Aging-Relatedness ebook cover
Flowgraph Models for Multistate Time-to-Event Data ebook cover
A Primer on Statistical Distributions ebook cover
SPSS For Dummies ebook cover
Modern Experimental Design ebook cover
Management of Data in Clinical Trials ebook cover
Envisioning the Survey Interview of the Future ebook cover
Contemporary Bayesian and Frequentist Statistical Research Methods for Natural Resource Scientists ebook cover
Statistical Advances in the Biomedical Sciences ebook cover
Models for Probability and Statistical Inference: Theory and Applications ebook cover