General Probability & Statistics Ebooks

Finite Mixture Models ebook cover
Randomization in Clinical Trials: Theory and Practice ebook cover
Introduction to Survey Quality ebook cover
Case Studies in Reliability and Maintenance ebook cover
Biostatistical Methods in Epidemiology ebook cover
Statistical Design and Analysis of Experiments ebook cover
Categorical Data Analysis ebook cover
Advanced Calculus with Applications in Statistics ebook cover
Factorization Methods for Discrete Sequential Estimation ebook cover
Probability and Random Processes for Electrical and Computer Engineers ebook cover
Symmetry Studies ebook cover
Fundamentals of Applied Probability and Random Processes ebook cover
Large Deviations ebook cover
Statistical Models ebook cover
Estimation Theory in Hydrology and Water Systems ebook cover
Truth, Possibility and Probability ebook cover
Probabilistic Methods for Bioinformatics: with an Introduction to Bayesian Networks ebook cover
Essential Statistics, Regression, and Econometrics ebook cover
Testing Statistical Hypotheses of Equivalence and Noninferiority, Second Edition ebook cover
Student Solutions Manual for Essential Statistics, Regression, and Econometrics ebook cover
Strategy and Statistics in Clinical Trials ebook cover
Some Recent Developments in Statistical Theory and Applications ebook cover
Understanding Probability ebook cover
Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics for Engineers ebook cover