General Probability & Statistics Ebooks

Sharpening Your Advanced SAS Skills ebook cover
Handbook of Cluster Analysis ebook cover
Discrete Data Analysis with R ebook cover
Stochastic Volatility Modeling ebook cover
Stochastic Analysis of Scaling Time Series ebook cover
Analysis of Variance, Design, and Regression ebook cover
Regenerative Stochastic Simulation ebook cover
Causal Models in the Social Sciences ebook cover
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bookdown: Authoring Books and Technical Documents with R Markdown ebook cover
Analyzing Longitudinal Clinical Trial Data: A Practical Guide ebook cover
Change-Point Analysis in Nonstationary Stochastic Models ebook cover
R for Data Science: Import, Tidy, Transform, Visualize, and Model Data ebook cover
$29.95 $33.99
A Factor Model Approach to Derivative Pricing ebook cover
Statistical Aspects of the Microbiological Examination of Foods ebook cover
Introduction to Dynamic Programming ebook cover
Game Theory and Experimental Games: The Study of Strategic Interaction ebook cover
Developments in Statistics ebook cover
Elements of Probability Theory ebook cover
Displaying Time Series, Spatial, and Space-Time Data with R ebook cover
Financial Mathematics: A Comprehensive Treatment ebook cover
Quantitative Finance: An Object-Oriented Approach in C++ ebook cover
Quantitative Finance: A Simulation-Based Introduction Using Excel ebook cover
Event History Analysis with R ebook cover
Nonparametric Statistical Methods Using R ebook cover