General Probability & Statistics Ebooks

Stochastic Integration ebook cover
Stochastic Convergence ebook cover
Contributions to Probability: A Collection of Papers Dedicated to Eugene Lukacs ebook cover
Statistical Inference and Related Topics ebook cover
Introductory Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences ebook cover
Stochastic Integrals ebook cover
A New Approach to Scientific Computation ebook cover
Teaching Statistical Concepts ebook cover
Hidden Markov Processes: Theory and Applications to Biology ebook cover
Analyzing Spatial Models of Choice and Judgment with R ebook cover
Biotechnology and Bioinformatics ebook cover
A Handbook of Statistical Graphics Using SAS ODS ebook cover
Traffic Simulation and Data: Validation Methods and Applications ebook cover
Data Analysis and Approximate Models ebook cover
Statistical Decision Theory and Related Topics ebook cover
Systematic Glossary of the Terminology of Statistical Methods ebook cover
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Digital Dice: Computational Solutions to Practical Probability Problems ebook cover
Chi-Squared Goodness of Fit Tests with Applications ebook cover
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Analysis and Probability ebook cover
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Numbersense: How to Use Big Data to Your Advantage ebook cover
$20.90 $24.00
5 Steps to a 5 AP Statistics, 2014-2015 Edition ebook cover
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Statistics (Fourth Edition) ebook cover
R Statistical Application Development by Example Beginner's Guide ebook cover
Making Sense of Numbers that Rule Your World EBOOK BUNDLE ebook cover
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