General Probability & Statistics Ebooks

Bioinformatics: Sequence Alignment and Markov Models ebook cover
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Quantile Regression ebook cover
An Introduction to Time Series Analysis and Forecasting ebook cover
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Schaum's Outline of Elements of Statistics II: Inferential Statistics ebook cover
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Handbook of Statistics: Data Mining and Data Visualization ebook cover
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Statistical Design of Experiments with Engineering Applications ebook cover
Elements of the Random Walk ebook cover
Multivariate Statistical Methods in Quality Management ebook cover
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Stochastic Processes: Estimation, Optimisation and Analysis ebook cover
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Statistical Analysis in Climate Research ebook cover
A Course in Financial Calculus ebook cover
Introductory Statistics for Engineering Experimentation ebook cover
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Statistical Size Distributions in Economics and Actuarial Sciences ebook cover
Numerical Methods in Finance: A MATLAB-Based Introduction ebook cover
Univariate Discrete Distributions, Set ebook cover
Parallel Metaheuristics: A New Class of Algorithms ebook cover
Fractal-Based Point Processes ebook cover
Regression Analysis by Example ebook cover
Linear Model Theory: Univariate, Multivariate, and Mixed Models ebook cover
Mathematical Finance: Theory, Modeling, Implementation ebook cover
Statistical Methods for Groundwater Monitoring ebook cover
Question Evaluation Methods: Contributing to the Science of Data Quality ebook cover
Approximate Dynamic Programming: Solving the Curses of Dimensionality ebook cover
Maxima and Minima with Applications: Practical Optimization and Duality ebook cover