General Probability & Statistics Ebooks

Biostatistical Methods in Epidemiology ebook cover
Order Statistics ebook cover
Finite Mixture Models ebook cover
Randomization in Clinical Trials: Theory and Practice ebook cover
Applied Linear Regression ebook cover
Introductory Stochastic Analysis for Finance and Insurance ebook cover
Theory of Preliminary Test and Stein-Type Estimation with Applications ebook cover
A Manager's Guide to the Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials ebook cover
Variations on Split Plot and Split Block Experiment Designs ebook cover
Long-Memory Time Series: Theory and Methods ebook cover
Statistics Essentials For Dummies ebook cover
Handbook of Nonresponse in Household Surveys ebook cover
Neural-Based Orthogonal Data Fitting: The EXIN Neural Networks ebook cover
Statistics for Earth and Environmental Scientists ebook cover
Survey Methods in Multicultural, Multinational, and Multiregional Contexts ebook cover
Introduction to Time Series Analysis and Forecasting ebook cover
Engineering Principles of Combat Modeling and Distributed Simulation ebook cover
Mastering System Identification in 100 Exercises ebook cover
Classic Problems of Probability ebook cover
A Modern Theory of Random Variation ebook cover
Applied Diffusion Processes from Engineering to Finance ebook cover
Categorical Data Analysis ebook cover
Engineering Risk Assessment with Subset Simulation ebook cover
Categorical Data Analysis ebook cover