General Probability & Statistics Ebooks

Introduction to Quantitative Data Analysis in the Behavioral and Social Sciences ebook cover
Statistical Intervals: A Guide for Practitioners and Researchers ebook cover
An Introductory Course in Summability Theory ebook cover
Matrix Algebra Useful for Statistics ebook cover
Banking Systems Simulation ebook cover
The Great Unknown: Seven Journeys to the Frontiers of Science ebook cover
Handbook of Applied Multivariate Statistics and Mathematical Modeling ebook cover
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The Spectral Analysis of Time Series ebook cover
Quantitative Methods in Population Health: Extensions of Ordinary Regression ebook cover
Methods for Testing and Evaluating Survey Questionnaires ebook cover
Nonparametric Statistics with Applications to Science and Engineering ebook cover
Basic Statistics: A Primer for the Biomedical Sciences ebook cover
Markov Decision Processes: Discrete Stochastic Dynamic Programming ebook cover
Statistics for Compensation: A Practical Guide to Compensation Analysis ebook cover
Multivariate Statistics: High-Dimensional and Large-Sample Approximations ebook cover
Fundamentals of Stochastic Networks ebook cover
Time Series Analysis and Forecasting by Example ebook cover
Biostatistical Methods: The Assessment of Relative Risks ebook cover
Introduction to Probability and Stochastic Processes with Applications ebook cover
Methods of Multivariate Analysis ebook cover
Using the Weibull Distribution: Reliability, Modeling and Inference ebook cover
Nonresponse in Household Interview Surveys ebook cover
A Career in Statistics: Beyond the Numbers ebook cover
Mathematical Statistics with Resampling and R ebook cover