General Public Policy Ebooks

Governance in South Asia ebook cover
Japan's Environmental Politics and Governance: From Trading Nation to EcoNation ebook cover
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David's Politics: Servant, Rebel, King ebook cover
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Managing the Fiscal Metropolis ebook cover
Charitable Choice at Work: Evaluating Faith-Based Job Programs in the States ebook cover
Scandalous Politics: Child Welfare Policy in the States ebook cover
Lessons of Disaster: Policy Change after Catastrophic Events ebook cover
Selfish Libertarians and Socialist Conservatives? ebook cover
$22.15 $24.95
Governance and Performance: New Perspectives ebook cover
Anti-GenetiX: The Emergence of the Anti-GM Movement ebook cover
The Gender Politics of Domestic Violence ebook cover
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English-Speaking Caribbean Immigrants: Transnational Identities ebook cover
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Innovation Contested: The Idea of Innovation Over the Centuries ebook cover
The State of Public Administration: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities ebook cover
The Rise of Big Government ebook cover
The Public Budgeting and Finance Primer: Key Concepts in Fiscal Choice ebook cover
The Terrorism Ahead: Confronting Transnational Violence in the Twenty-First Century ebook cover
The Policy Analyst's Handbook ebook cover
Liu Shaoqi and the Chinese Cultural Revolution ebook cover
New Public Governance: A Regime-Centered Perspective ebook cover
Living with the Bomb ebook cover
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Federalism on Trial ebook cover
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Abolition of Nuclear Weapons as a Moral Imperative ebook cover
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German Public Policy: Current Debates on Political, Legal, and Social Issues ebook cover