General Security Ebooks

Walling Out the Insiders: Controlling Access to Improve Organizational Security ebook cover
Cognitive Hack: The New Battleground in Cybersecurity ... the Human Mind ebook cover
Implementing Cybersecurity ebook cover
The CISO Journey: Life Lessons and Concepts to Accelerate Your Professional Development ebook cover
Data Analytics for Internal Auditors ebook cover
Privacy and Security Policies in Big Data ebook cover
Digital Forensics Trial Graphics: Teaching the Jury through Effective Use of Visuals ebook cover
Safety of Web Applications: Risks, Encryption and Handling Vulnerabilities with PHP ebook cover
Defensive Security Handbook: Best Practices for Securing Infrastructure ebook cover
$29.95 $33.99
Police Reserves and Volunteers: Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness and Public Trust ebook cover
Research Methods for Cyber Security ebook cover
Social Media Warfare: Equal Weapons for All ebook cover
Kali Linux Network Scanning Cookbook - Second Edition ebook cover
Preventing Digital Extortion ebook cover
Security Operations Center Guidebook: A Practical Guide for a Successful SOC ebook cover
Cell Phone Location Evidence for Legal Professionals ebook cover
Zero Trust Networks: Building Secure Systems in Untrusted Networks ebook cover
$44.50 $50.99
Infosec Rock Star: How to Accelerate Your Career Because Geek Will Only Get You So Far ebook cover
$8.40 $9.99
Information Technology Risk Management and Compliance in Modern Organizations ebook cover
Cyber Security: A practitioner's guide ebook cover
Penetration Testing Bootcamp ebook cover
Mastering Kali Linux for Web Penetration Testing ebook cover
Windows Forensics Cookbook ebook cover
A History of Cyber Security Attacks: 1980 to Present ebook cover