General Social Science Ebooks

Spirituality and the Occult ebook cover
Fieldwork and Footnotes: Studies in the History of European Anthropology ebook cover
Democracy and National Identity in Thailand ebook cover
The Declining World Order: America's Imperial Geopolitics ebook cover
International Intervention in the Balkans since 1995 ebook cover
Africa in Europe: Antiquity into the Age of Global Exploration ebook cover
$28.45 $34.99
Contemporary Theory of Conservation ebook cover
Women in Medieval Society ebook cover
1,999 Facts About Blacks: A Sourcebook of African-American Achievement ebook cover
$14.85 $17.99
Therapist's Guide to Self-Care ebook cover
Globalization or Empire? ebook cover
Afterimage: Film, Trauma And The Holocaust ebook cover
$27.30 $30.95
Hidden Truth: Young Men Navigating Lives In and Out of Juvenile Prison ebook cover
$30.60 $34.95
European Integration and Disintegration ebook cover
Globalization and Resistance: Transnational Dimensions of Social Movements ebook cover
$28.45 $35.00
Transnational Protest and Global Activism ebook cover
$41.15 $51.00
Paradoxes of Civil Society: New Perspectives on Modern German and British History ebook cover
The New Don't Blame Mother ebook cover
Postmodern, Feminist and Postcolonial Currents in Contemporary Japanese Culture ebook cover