General Social Science Ebooks

Teaching with Emotional Intelligence ebook cover
Political Journalism: New Challenges, New Practices ebook cover
Japan and Britain after 1859: Creating Cultural Bridges ebook cover
Russian Regions and Regionalism: Strength through Weakness ebook cover
Ethnonationalism in the Contemporary World ebook cover
The Former Yugoslavia at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century ebook cover
Jews of the Dutch Caribbean: Exploring Ethnic Identity on Curacao ebook cover
The Dialogical Self in Psychotherapy: An Introduction ebook cover
India's Partition: The Story of Imperialism in Retreat ebook cover
Financing China's Rural Enterprises ebook cover
Civil Life, Globalization and Political Change in Asia ebook cover
Constructing Risk and Safety in Technological Practice ebook cover
New Qualitative Methodologies in Health and Social Care Research ebook cover
Chinese Intellectuals Between State and Market ebook cover
The Global Virtual University ebook cover
Sustainable Development and Learning: Framing the Issues ebook cover
The French and Italian Communist Parties: Comrades and Culture ebook cover
Himalayan Perceptions: Environmental Change and the Well-Being of Mountain Peoples ebook cover
Encounters with Violence in Latin America ebook cover
The Rebuilding of Greater Russia ebook cover
How We Learn ebook cover
Neuropsychological Rehabilitation and People with Dementia ebook cover
Jumpstart! Creativity: Games and Activities for Ages 7 14 ebook cover
Regression Analysis for Social Sciences ebook cover