General Software Development & Engineering Ebooks

The Chaos Cookbook: A Practical Programming Guide ebook cover
Interactive Computing in BASIC ebook cover
Capability-Based Computer Systems ebook cover
Real Time Programming 1988 ebook cover
The Digital Technical Documentation Handbook ebook cover
Software for Computer Control 1986 ebook cover
Advanced Programming Methodologies ebook cover
Languages, Compilers and Run-time Environments for Distributed Memory Machines ebook cover
Operational Expert System Applications in Canada ebook cover
The Digital Guide To Software Development ebook cover
Psychology of Programming ebook cover
Natural Language Processing with Java and LingPipe Cookbook ebook cover
Testing iOS Apps with HadoopUnit: Rapid Distributed GUI Testing ebook cover
Systems Engineering in Public Administration ebook cover
IT Perspectives Conference: The Future of Information Technology ebook cover
Industrial Software Applications: A Master's Course for Engineers ebook cover
Radio Frequency Transistors: Principles and Practical Applications ebook cover
The Complete Guide to Game Audio ebook cover
Learning Python: Powerful Object-Oriented Programming ebook cover
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Java in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference ebook cover
$26.30 $27.99
Twisted Network Programming Essentials ebook cover
$29.75 $33.99
Head First Software Development ebook cover
$34.90 $39.99
Head First PHP & MySQL ebook cover
$31.45 $35.99
Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and Design: A Brain Friendly Guide to OOA&D ebook cover
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