General Technology & Engineering Ebooks

Sustainable ICT Adoption and Integration for Socio-Economic Development ebook cover
Performance-Based Seismic Design of Concrete Structures and Infrastructures ebook cover
Sliding Mode in Intellectual Control and Communication ebook cover
Accelerating the Discovery of New Dielectric Properties in Polymer Insulation ebook cover
Control of Sensory Perception for Discrete Event Systems ebook cover
The Manufacture of High Temperature Superconducting Tapes and Films ebook cover
Artificial Invention ebook cover
A Communications Protocol in a Synchronous Chat Environment ebook cover
Is bullock traction a sustainable technology ? A longitudinal case study in northern Ghana ebook cover
Socio-economic impact of rock bund construction for small farmers of Bam Province/Burkina Faso ebook cover
Photoinduced Intramolecular Charge Transfer in Donor-Acceptor Biaryls and Resulting Applicational Aspects Regarding Fluorescent Probes and Solar Energ ebook cover
Acquisition and Reproduction of Color Images: Colorimetric and Multispectral Approaches ebook cover
Advanced Methods and Tools for ECG Data Analysis ebook cover
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Hybrid CMOS Single-Electron-Transistor Device and Circuit Design ebook cover
$135.50 $153.00
Information Operations Planning ebook cover
$126.05 $142.00
Advanced Production Testing or RF, SoC, and SiP Devices ebook cover
$97.50 $109.00
Homes and Health: How Housing and Health Interact ebook cover
Open and Industrialised Building ebook cover
Life Cycle Costing for Construction ebook cover
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Data Management for Fungal Genomics ebook cover
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Microarray Data Management ebook cover
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Data Mangement in Expression-Based Proteomics ebook cover
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Model-Driven Drug Discovery ebook cover
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Implementing Universal Logic in QCA ebook cover
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