General Technology & Engineering Ebooks

Intelligent Quality of Service Technologies and Network Management ebook cover
Humanitarian Engineering ebook cover
Out of the Comfort Zone ebook cover
Experience-Centered Design: Designers, Users, and Communities in Dialogue ebook cover
Search-Based Applications: At the Confluence of Search and Database Technologies ebook cover
Community Detection and Mining in Social Media ebook cover
Multidimensional Databases and Data Warehousing ebook cover
The Future of Energy Use ebook cover
Starch: Chemistry and Technology ebook cover
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Angiogenesis: In Vivo Systems, Part A ebook cover
RF Front-End: World Class Designs ebook cover
Angiogenesis: In Vivo Systems, Part B ebook cover
Text-to-Speech Synthesis ebook cover
A First Course in Digital Communications ebook cover
Essentials of Wireless Mesh Networking ebook cover
Automated Face Analysis: Emerging Technologies and Research ebook cover
Innovations in Information Systems Modeling: Methods and Best Practices ebook cover
Utilizing Information Technology Systems Across Disciplines ebook cover
Multi-Camera Networks: Principles and Applications ebook cover
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Markov Logic: An Interface Layer for Artificial Intelligence ebook cover
Semiotic Engineering Methods for Scientific Research in HCI ebook cover
Dependency Parsing ebook cover
Transient Signals on Transmission Lines ebook cover
Web Style Guide, 3rd edition: Basic Design Principles for Creating Web Sites ebook cover