General United States Ebooks

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Calls to Arms: Presidential Speeches, Messages, and Declarations of War ebook cover
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Atonement and Forgiveness: A New Model for Black Reparations ebook cover
$21.95 $26.95
Improbable Patriot ebook cover
$9.30 $9.99
Secret America: The Hidden Symbols, Codes and Mysteries of the United States ebook cover
$13.05 $15.95
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Storm on the Horizon: The Challenge to American Intervention, 1939-1941 ebook cover
$36.75 $45.99
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Women and the Republican Party, 1854-1924 ebook cover
$24.35 $31.46
Republic of Words: The Atlantic Monthly and Its Writers, 1857-1925 ebook cover
$23.25 $24.99
In the Kingdom of Coal: An American Family and the Rock That Changed the World ebook cover
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The Ferocious Engine of Democracy: A History of the American Presidency ebook cover
$17.05 $20.99
Booked: The Last 150 Years Told through Mug Shots ebook cover
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Migra!: A History of the U.S. Border Patrol ebook cover
$24.30 $29.95
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Between Arab and White: Race and Ethnicity in the Early Syrian American Diaspora ebook cover
$28.25 $34.95
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Guantanamo: A Working-Class History between Empire and Revolution ebook cover
$28.25 $34.95
The American Presidents: Critical Essays ebook cover
Doing Literary Business: American Women Writers in the Nineteenth Century ebook cover
Hollywood's White House: The American Presidency in Film and History ebook cover
$26.00 $28.00
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The American Soccer League: The Golden Years of American Soccer 1921-1931 ebook cover
$90.20 $114.99
Prophetic Encounters: Religion and the American Radical Tradition ebook cover
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The Odyssey of a New Religion ebook cover
$19.60 $23.95
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Slavery and the Meetinghouse ebook cover
$20.75 $25.45
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Inventing America, 2e, Volume 2, Part 4 ebook cover
$5.80 $7.50
Early Cold War Spies ebook cover
Those Ugly Americans: 20th & 21st Centuries ebook cover
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Unsettled Minds: Psychology and the American Search for Spiritual Assurance, 1830-1940 ebook cover
$67.30 $85.00