Genocide & War Crimes Ebooks

In God's Name: Genocide and Religion in the Twentieth Century ebook cover
The Genocide Convention: An International Law Analysis ebook cover
Genocide and Settler Society ebook cover
FINDING THE UNEXPECTED: Searching Utian Roots in Lithuania ebook cover
$7.35 $8.99
Iraq: Genocide by Sanctions ebook cover
The Making of the Greek Genocide: Contested Memories of the Ottoman Greek Catastrophe ebook cover
Peaceful Selves: Personhood, Nationhood, and the Post-Conflict Moment in Rwanda ebook cover
The United States and Genocide: (Re)Defining the Relationship ebook cover
Dark Ideas: How Neo-Nazi and Violent Jihadi Ideologues Shaped Modern Terrorism ebook cover
$30.50 $40.50
Microhistories of the Holocaust ebook cover
What Happens During War Crime Trials? History Book 6th Grade | Children's History Books ebook cover
Peacemaking, Religious Belief and the Rule of Law ebook cover
Judgment At Istanbul: The Armenian Genocide Trials ebook cover
Death by Government: Genocide and Mass Murder Since 1900 ebook cover
Peacemakers: American Leadership and the End of Genocide in the Balkans ebook cover
$35.05 $39.95
Genocide by Attrition: The Nuba Mountains of Sudan ebook cover
Pioneers of Genocide Studies ebook cover
Quiet Genocide: Guatemala 1981-1983 ebook cover
The Armenian Genocide: Wartime Radicalization or Premeditated Continuum ebook cover
Genocide and Resistance in Southeast Asia ebook cover
Impediments to the Prevention and Intervention of Genocide ebook cover
The Death Camps of Croatia: Visions and Revisions, 1941-1945 ebook cover
The Grandchildren: The Hidden Legacy of 'Lost' Armenians in Turkey ebook cover