Geology Ebooks

The Ancient Human Occupation of Britain ebook cover
$209.85 $225.00
An Introduction to Atmospheric Radiation ebook cover
Ecohydrology of Water-controlled Ecosystems ebook cover
Deep-Water Processes and Facies Models: Implications for Sandstone Petroleum Reservoirs ebook cover
$169.40 $180.00
Physical Principles of Sedimentary Basin Analysis ebook cover
Modern and Past Glacial Environments: Revised Student Edition ebook cover
Medical Geology: Effects of Geological Environments on Human Health ebook cover
$218.75 $235.00
Ocean Circulation and Climate: Observing and Modelling the Global Ocean ebook cover
Soil Erosion ebook cover
$256.50 $270.00
Engineering Rock Mechanics: Part 2: Illustrative Worked Examples ebook cover
$214.30 $230.00
Carbonate Reservoir Characterization: A Geologic-Engineering Analysis, Part I ebook cover
Enhanced Oil Recovery, I: Fundamentals and Analyses ebook cover
Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery ebook cover
Gravel Bed Rivers 6: From Process Understanding to River Restoration ebook cover
$196.45 $210.00
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Understanding WMI Scripting ebook cover
$57.10 $76.95
The Ocean Basins: Their Structure and Evolution ebook cover
Introduction to the Physics of the Earth's Interior ebook cover
Subsidence due to Fluid Withdrawal ebook cover
Introduction to Paleobiology and the Fossil Record ebook cover
Sedimentology and Stratigraphy ebook cover
Erosion in Geomechanics Applied to Dams and Levees ebook cover
Magma to Microbe: Modeling Hydrothermal Processes at Oceanic Spreading Centers ebook cover
Rising from the Plains ebook cover
In Suspect Terrain ebook cover