Geophysics Ebooks

Elastic Wave Field Extrapolation: Redatuming of Single- and Multi-Component Seismic Data ebook cover
Surface Wave Analysis for Near Surface Applications ebook cover
Education and Training for the Oil and Gas Industry ebook cover
Wavelets in Geophysics ebook cover
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Physics of the Atmosphere ebook cover
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Recent Advances in Geomathematics - An International Symposium ebook cover
Seismic Exploration of Hydrocarbons in Heterogeneous Reservoirs ebook cover
$151.15 $160.00
Encyclopedia of Atmospheric Sciences ebook cover
$2,630.35 $2,774.00
Introduction to the Physics of the Cryosphere ebook cover
Geology of the China Seas ebook cover
$131.00 $138.00
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Atlantis, the Great Flood and the Asteroid ebook cover
$5.34 $6.99
Fundamentals of Geomorphology ebook cover
Acquisition and Analysis of Terrestrial Gravity Data ebook cover
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Earth Resistance for Archaeologists ebook cover
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The Handbook of Geoscience ebook cover
$112.50 $142.50
The Self-Potential Method: Theory and Applications in Environmental Geosciences ebook cover
Advances in Geophysics ebook cover
Interpreting Aerial Photographs to Identify Natural Hazards ebook cover
Measuring Ocean Currents: Tools, Technologies, and Data ebook cover
$141.95 $149.95
Recent Crustal Movements, 1982 ebook cover
Inverse Problem Theory: Methods for Data Fitting and Model Parameter Estimation ebook cover
Mining Geophysics ebook cover
The Theory of Strata Mechanics ebook cover
Seismic Stratigraphy and Depositional Facies Models ebook cover