Germany Ebooks

The Third Reich ebook cover
Nazi Ideology before 1933: A Documentation ebook cover
The Christmas Truce: Myth, Memory, and the First World War ebook cover
$35.10 $40.00
Speer: Hitler's Architect ebook cover
Blood and Steel 3 ebook cover
$13.90 $17.98
The Germans and the Holocaust ebook cover
A History of Modern Germany: 1871 to Present ebook cover
Order and Insecurity in Germany and Turkey: Military Cultures of the 1930s ebook cover
Migration, Memory, and Diversity: Germany from 1945 to the Present ebook cover
Narratives in the Making: Writing the East German Past in the Democratic Present ebook cover
A Goy Who Speaks Yiddish: Christians and the Jewish Language in Early Modern Germany ebook cover
The Modernity of Others: Jewish Anti-Catholicism in Germany and France ebook cover
Between Jewish Posen and Scholarly Berlin: The Life and Letters of Philipp Jaff ebook cover
Fulda Gap: Battlefield of the Cold War Alliances ebook cover
$77.00 $104.50
The Wehrmacht's Last Stand: The German Campaigns of 1944-1945 ebook cover
Werner Scholem: A German Life ebook cover
Cultural Topographies of the New Berlin ebook cover
The Jews in the Secret Nazi Reports on Popular Opinion in Germany, 1933-1945 ebook cover
The Discourse Strategies of Imperialist Writing ebook cover
Germany 1945-1949: A Sourcebook ebook cover
Forgotten Voices: The Expulsion of the Germans from Eastern Europe After World War II ebook cover
The German Polity ebook cover
$34.95 $46.50
Antitrust in Germany and Japan: The First Fifty Years, 1947-1998 ebook cover
I Am Terezin ebook cover
$6.55 $7.99