Germany Ebooks

Immigration Policy in the Federal Republic of Germany ebook cover
Environmental Organizations in Modern Germany ebook cover
Networks of Nazi Persecution: Bureaucracy, Business and the Organization of the Holocaust ebook cover
Treitschke: His Life and Works ebook cover
Indirect Perpetrators: The Prosecution of Informers in Germany, 1945-1965 ebook cover
$83.15 $104.50
Murder Scenes: Normality, Deviance, and Criminal Violence in Weimar Berlin ebook cover
The Quest for the Lost Nation ebook cover
$68.15 $85.00
Popular Cinema of the Third Reich ebook cover
The First Schleswig-Holstein War 1848-50 ebook cover
Culture in the Anteroom: The Legacies of Siegfried Kracauer ebook cover
The History of the Thirty Years' War: Volume I ebook cover
$4.37 $4.95
Two Soldiers, Two Lost Fronts ebook cover
Germans into Jews: Remaking the Jewish Social Body in the Weimar Republic ebook cover
To the Bitter End ebook cover
$16.45 $19.99
The Fall of the Berlin Wall ebook cover
$11.95 $14.95