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Publication: First Edition Design Publishing
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This book is not a commentary. It is also not a traditional Bible study curriculum. It is instead a journey! A journey into the mind and words of the Apostle Paul and the Holy Spirit who directed his every move. In the simplest of summary statements, this book is an innovative and revolutionary approach to either individual or group Bible study. What makes this book so different is its reliance on five key design components. First, there are three completely separate divisions within the book. Though the three divisions are closely related and often intertwined, yet each one may be used as a standalone teaching guide or as an individual study adventure. If an in-depth or advanced level method is desired, then the section entitled “A Verse By Verse Approach” should be utilized. This section takes each verse and explores the language as well as the thought relationships not only within that verse but also with surrounding verses. In this manner the individual verses begin unfolding like the narrative event they were originally part of. The middle section of the book is entitled “A Thematic Approach.” This section divides each chapter of 1 Timothy into groups of verses that share a common theme, action, or event. In this manner a basic level of understanding of the epistle can be gained. However, if an introductory level of understanding is desired for the purpose of just exploring the general flow of the context of the epistle, then the third section, entitled “A Survey Approach,” should be used. This part of the book takes each individual chapter of 1 Timothy and presents it as a whole, identifying the main ideas and common threads of understanding found in that chapter. The second of the five key design components of this book is its reliance on consultation with twenty two of the most important different versions of the Bible available today. Helpful Scripture quotations from these various Bibles are located throughout this book to facilitate a clear understanding of the primary source document, the King James Version. The third key component is that the overt intention of the book is to attempt to meet the need of every serious enquiring Christian regardless of current Biblical knowledge base or denominational affiliation. Whether you are just beginning to study the Bible or you are a seasoned veteran of Bible study, this book has something for you. Fourthly, the entire book is formatted around the concepts of the ancient, tried and true, Socratic Teaching Method. For each Scriptural reference you will find a series of questions following that reference. Each question is designed to facilitate and engage the higher learning skills if the book is being used for individual study. If the book is being used as a teaching resource, each question is intended to provide a springboard for tangential and exploratory discussion by the group as directed by the facilitator or teacher. Each question is followed by suggested answers that often offer optional possibilities of interpretation as may be presented by the different Bible versions. The answers have bold printing of key ideas to help the eye contact of the leader if being used in a group setting. Lastly, this book makes no attempt to provide personal commentary on the Scriptures. Its sole purpose is to encourage the individual Christian to determine how to apply the Word Of God to their daily living for Christ Jesus. The primary way to do this is by focusing strictly on what the Apostle Paul actually said, without prejudiced or denominational bias. We must first know what God actually says if we are to understand what He actually means.

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Getting to Know 1 Timothy