Higher Ebooks

Using Learning Contracts in Higher Education ebook cover
Learning and Teaching: The Essential Guide for Higher Level Teaching Assistants ebook cover
Developing the Capable Practitioner: Professional Capability Through Higher Education ebook cover
2000 Tips for Lecturers ebook cover
Meaning-Centered Education ebook cover
Rethinking the SAT: The Future of Standardized Testing in University Admissions ebook cover
Opening Education: Policies and Practices from Open and Distance Education ebook cover
Strategic Planning for Private Higher Education ebook cover
Student Voices on Inequalities in European Higher Education ebook cover
Assessment: Case Studies, Experience and Practice ebook cover
Working Equal: Collaboration Among Academic Couples ebook cover
University Teaching: International Perspectives ebook cover
Higher Education Choice in China ebook cover
Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education ebook cover
Academic Capitalism: Universities in the Global Struggle for Excellence ebook cover
Teaching Primary Drama ebook cover
Creating High Performance Classroom Groups ebook cover
Doing Educational Research in Rural Settings ebook cover
Engaging Leaders: The challenge of inspiring collective commitment in universities ebook cover
Refocusing the Self in Higher Education: A Phenomenological Perspective ebook cover
Writing Groups for Doctoral Education and Beyond: Innovations in practice and theory ebook cover
Working One-to-One with Students: Supervising, Coaching, Mentoring, and Personal Tutoring ebook cover
Becoming Penn: The Pragmatic American University, 1950-2000 ebook cover
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Have Fun & Get A's: How to Study Less and Achieve More ebook cover
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