Higher Ebooks

Innovative Practices for Higher Education Assessment and Measurement ebook cover
Preparing Foreign Language Teachers for Next-Generation Education ebook cover
Student Learning and Development in Chinese Higher Education ebook cover
Journal of Character Education Volume 11 Number 2 2015 ebook cover
Accelerated Opportunity Education Models and Practices ebook cover
Where Is Knowing Going?: The Horizons of the Knowing Subject ebook cover
University Expansion in a Changing Global Economy: Triumph of the BRICs? ebook cover
Personalized Professional Learning for Educators: Emerging Research and Opportunities ebook cover
Gaming Innovations in Higher Education: Emerging Research and Opportunities ebook cover
Re-thinking Legal Education under the Civil and Common Law ebook cover
Academics Engaging with Student Writing: Working at the Higher Education Textface ebook cover
#FeesMustFall and Youth Mobilisation in South Africa: Reform or Revolution? ebook cover
Education, Ethnicity, Society and Global Change in Asia ebook cover
Universities in the National Innovation Systems: Experiences from the Asia-Pacific ebook cover
A Century of Service: Land-Grant Colleges and Universities, 1890-1990 ebook cover
The Concept of a University ebook cover
The Half-Opened Door ebook cover
The Changing Catholic College ebook cover
Morality and Expediency: The Folklore of Academic Politics ebook cover
The Ideal of the University ebook cover
The Order of Learning: Essays on the Contemporary University ebook cover
The Minoritisation of Higher Education Students ebook cover
Clark Kerr's University of California ebook cover
Mission of the University ebook cover