Higher Ebooks

Professional Education at Historically Black Colleges and Universities ebook cover
Art and Design Pedagogy in Higher Education ebook cover
Funds of Knowledge in Higher Education ebook cover
Education, Poverty and Global Goals for Gender Equality: How People Make Policy Happen ebook cover
The ID CaseBook: Case Studies in Instructional Design ebook cover
Fostering Effective Student Communication in Online Graduate Courses ebook cover
Undergraduate Research for Student Engagement and Learning ebook cover
Engaged Scholarship and Civic Responsibility in Higher Education ebook cover
Violence Prevention and Safety Promotion in Higher Education Settings ebook cover
Talent Development and the Global Economy: Perspectives from Special Interest Groups ebook cover
Undocumented and in College: Students and Institutions in a Climate of National Hostility ebook cover
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Aspirations of Italian-American College Students ebook cover
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Transatlantic Reflections on the Practice-Based PhD in Fine Art ebook cover
The Teaching of Criminal Law: The pedagogical imperatives ebook cover
English Education at the Tertiary Level in Asia: From Policy to Practice ebook cover
Advancing Democracy Through Education? U.S. Influence Abroad and Domestic Practices ebook cover
Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue - Volume 10 Issues 1&2 ebook cover
Faith and Secularisation in Religious Colleges and Universities ebook cover
Rethinking University Teaching ebook cover
Online Education Using Learning Objects ebook cover
History of Yale's School of Medicine: Passing Torches to Others ebook cover
Scholarship for Sustaining Service-Learning and Civic Engagement ebook cover
Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue Volume 9 1&2. AATC Leadership for 2006-2007. ebook cover
Policy and University Faculty Governance. Educational Policy in the 21st Century. ebook cover