Higher Ebooks

Experiential Education in the College Context ebook cover
Cosmopolitan Learning for a Global Era: Higher education in an interconnected world ebook cover
Leadership and Management: Case Studies in Training in Higher Education in Africa ebook cover
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Becoming a Professor: A Guide to a Career in Higher Education ebook cover
$23.95 $31.99
The School of the French Revolution ebook cover
Report of the Committee on the Future of the College ebook cover
Figuration Work ebook cover
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How to be a "HIP" College Campus: Maximizing Learning in Undergraduate Education ebook cover
$19.60 $25.99
Learning Under Neoliberalism: Ethnographies of Governance in Higher Education ebook cover
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Challenges in Writing Your Dissertation ebook cover
$27.30 $33.99
The Role of Higher Education in Regional and Community Development and in the Time of Economic Crisis ebook cover
Online Research Made Easy ebook cover
Argument Online: You Be the Judge! ebook cover
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Academic Leadership in Higher Education: From the Top Down and the Bottom Up ebook cover
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The Essentials of Academic Writing for International Students ebook cover
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An American in Victorian Cambridge ebook cover
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How to Go to College on a Shoe String ebook cover
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Student Engagement in Higher Education ebook cover
Integrating Service Learning and Multicultural Education in Colleges and Universities ebook cover
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Acing the Medical School Admission Process ebook cover
$4.15 $5.99
Success as an Online Student: Strategies for Effective Learning ebook cover
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Teaching, Learning, and the Holocaust: An Integrative Approach ebook cover
$18.40 $23.99
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Community College Student Success: From Boardrooms to Classrooms ebook cover
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College Presidents Reflect: Life in and out of the Ivory Tower ebook cover
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