Higher Ebooks

Successful Study for Degrees ebook cover
University-Community Partnerships: Universities in Civic Engagement ebook cover
Education in Cyberspace ebook cover
Mega-universities and Knowledge Media ebook cover
Improving Student Engagement and Development Through Assessment ebook cover
International Perspectives on Teaching Excellence in Higher Education ebook cover
Teaching in Transnational Higher Education ebook cover
HUSITA7-The 7th International Conference of Human Services Information Technology Applications ebook cover
Peer Learning in Higher Education: Learning from and with Each Other ebook cover
The Learning Society: International Perspectives on Core Skills in Higher Education ebook cover
Student Assessment in Higher Education: A Handbook for Assessing Performance ebook cover
Benchmarking and Threshold Standards in Higher Education ebook cover
Researching into Teaching Methods: In Colleges and Universities ebook cover
The Effective Evaluation of Training and Development in Higher Education ebook cover
Researching into Assessment & Evaluation ebook cover
Influences on College Student Learning: Special Issue of peabody Journal of Education ebook cover
Digital Technology and the Contemporary University: Degrees of digitization ebook cover
Managing Asperger Syndrome at College and University ebook cover
Understanding Employer Engagement in Education: Theories and evidence ebook cover
The European Universities 1975 - 1985 ebook cover
Crossfire in Professional Education: Students, the Professions and Society ebook cover
An Incurable Academic: Memoirs of a Professor ebook cover
Student Life in a Class Society ebook cover
What To Consider if You're Considering College - The Big Picture ebook cover