Historical & Com Ebooks

Routledge Revivals ebook cover
Language Policy and Education in India: Documents, contexts and debates ebook cover
A History of English Negation ebook cover
The 'Other's' Gaze ebook cover
Ethnicity in Ancient Amazonia ebook cover
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Archaeology and Language III: Artefacts, Languages and Texts ebook cover
A History of American English ebook cover
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HNH TRANG NG"N NG?: LANGUAGE LUGGAGE FOR VIETNAM: A First-Year Language Course ebook cover
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From Conversation to Oral Tradition: A Simplest Systematics for Oral Traditions ebook cover
Language and Identity Politics: A Cross-Atlantic Perspective ebook cover
Semiotic Perspectives ebook cover
Principles of Semiotic ebook cover
Understanding Language Change ebook cover
Historical Sociolinguistics: Language Change in Tudor and Stuart England ebook cover
Language, Text and Context: Essays in stylistics ebook cover
Styles of Discourse ebook cover
Discourse Pragmatics and the Verb: The Evidence from Romance ebook cover
Russian Social Science Reader ebook cover
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Multiliterate Ireland: Literary Manifestations of a Multilingual History ebook cover
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Problems and Perspectives: Studies in the Modern French Language ebook cover
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The Welsh Language: A History ebook cover
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Women as Translators in Early Modern England ebook cover
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A Social History of Hebrew: Its Origins Through the Rabbinic Period ebook cover
Inside the Antisemitic Mind: The Language of Jew-Hatred in Contemporary Germany ebook cover
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