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Passionate Amateurs: Theatre, Communism, and Love ebook cover
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Blacks in Blackface: A Sourcebook on Early Black Musical Shows ebook cover
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Performance and the Politics of Space: Theatre and Topology ebook cover
Modern Dramatists: A Casebook of Major British, Irish, and American Playwrights ebook cover
New Sites For Shakespeare: Theatre, the Audience, and Asia ebook cover
A Performance Cosmology: Testimony from the Future, Evidence of the Past ebook cover
Programming Theater History: The Actor's Workshop of San Francisco ebook cover
Small Acts of Repair: Performance, Ecology and Goat Island ebook cover
Theatre in Ancient Greek Society ebook cover
The Unwritten Grotowski: Theory and Practice of the Encounter ebook cover
Asian American Culture on Stage: The History of the East West Players ebook cover
African Theatres and Performances ebook cover
Independant Practice for the Mental Health Professional ebook cover
Leading Creators of Twentieth-Century Czech Theatre ebook cover
The Greek Sense of Theatre ebook cover
The History of British Film (Volume 2): The History of the British Film 1906 - 1914 ebook cover
Theatre Audiences ebook cover
The History of British Film (Volume 3): The History of the British Film 1914 - 1918 ebook cover
History of British Film (Volume 4): The History of the British Film 1918 - 1929 ebook cover
Theatre Arts on Acting ebook cover
Alan Bennett: A Critical Introduction ebook cover
Philosophy and Theatre: An Introduction ebook cover
World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre: The Americas ebook cover
Popular Theatre: A Sourcebook ebook cover