History Ebooks

Acid Rain and the Rise of the Environmental Chemist in Nineteenth-Century Britain ebook cover
The Triumphal Arch on the Lido: On the Reliability of Eyewitness Accounts ebook cover
Evening News: Optics, Astronomy, and Journalism in Early Modern Europe ebook cover
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Who Gives a Gigabyte?: A Survival Guide for the Technologically Perplexed ebook cover
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A History of Astronomy (Routledge Revivals) ebook cover
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Ladies in the Laboratory IV ebook cover
$86.40 $109.99
Jesuit Science and the End of Nature's Secrets ebook cover
Science Policies and Twentieth-Century Dictatorships: Spain, Italy and Argentina ebook cover
Entrepreneurial Ventures in Chemistry: The Muspratts of Liverpool, 1793-1934 ebook cover
Everyday Magic in Early Modern Europe ebook cover
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The Light of the World: Astronomy in al-Andalus ebook cover
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Setting Aside All Authority ebook cover
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Einstein for Anyone ebook cover
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Science in the Romantic Era ebook cover
History of the Conflict between Religion and Science ebook cover
Boyle Studies: Aspects of the Life and Thought of Robert Boyle (1627-91) ebook cover
The Automaton in English Renaissance Literature ebook cover
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The Comet Sweeper (Icon Science): Caroline Herschel's Astronomical Ambition ebook cover
$7.25 $8.99
The Melencolia Manifesto ebook cover
Nature Speaks: Medieval Literature and Aristotelian Philosophy ebook cover
Wayward Comet ebook cover
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The Voyage of the Beagle ebook cover
$3.71 $4.99
Dynamics of the Atmosphere ebook cover
Fundamentals of Atmospheric Modeling ebook cover