History Ebooks

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Mad about Modern Physics: Braintwisters, Paradoxes, and Curiosities ebook cover
$12.50 $16.95
Leviathan and the Air-Pump: Hobbes, Boyle, and the Experimental Life ebook cover
Complex Variables ebook cover
Meteorology - ARISTOTLE ebook cover
$2.70 $2.99
Quantum Transport ebook cover
Discrete Choice Methods with Simulation ebook cover
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Caesar's Calendar: Ancient Time and the Beginnings of History ebook cover
$21.95 $26.95
Digital Code of Life ebook cover
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The Galileo Affair: A Documentary History ebook cover
$27.45 $33.95
Nonlinear Time Series Analysis ebook cover
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The Complete Book of Spaceflight: From Apollo 1 to Zero Gravity ebook cover
$25.10 $35.00
Paths of Fire: An Anthropologist's Inquiry into Western Technology ebook cover
Jeff's View: on Science and Scientists ebook cover
Who Wants to be a Scientist? ebook cover
In the Kingdom of Coal: An American Family and the Rock That Changed the World ebook cover
Spiking Neuron Models: Single Neurons, Populations, Plasticity ebook cover
Organic Chemistry: An Intermediate Text ebook cover
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101 Things You Didn't Know About Da Vinci ebook cover
$7.60 $9.95
The Blind Spot: Science and the Crisis of Uncertainty ebook cover
Alfred Russell Wallace Contributions to the theory of Natural Selection, 1870, and Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace , 'On the Tendency of Species to ebook cover
On Longevity and Shortness of Life ebook cover
$2.70 $2.99
Athena Unbound ebook cover
Tone ebook cover
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Vitalizing Nature in the Enlightenment ebook cover
$67.30 $85.00