History Ebooks

Australian Intellectuals ebook cover
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The UnCivil University: Intolerance on College Campuses ebook cover
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Play in the Early Years ebook cover
Eugene F. Rice, Jr.: An Appreciation ebook cover
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Unsung Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement and Thereafter: Profiles of Lessons Learned ebook cover
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What They Didn't Teach You in American History Class ebook cover
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African American Women Educators ebook cover
$30.45 $37.99
The Duality of Women Scholars of Color: Transforming and Being Transformed in the Academy ebook cover
Oxford and the Decline of the Collegiate Tradition ebook cover
The Schooling of Girls in Britain and Ireland, 1800- 1900 ebook cover
Transitions in American Education: A Social History of Teaching ebook cover
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J. Milton Turner: An American Hero ebook cover
$7.75 $9.99
Placing the History of College Writing: Stories from the Incomplete Archive ebook cover
Generational Identity, Educational Change, and School Leadership ebook cover
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The Shape and Shaping of the College and University in America: A Lively Experiment ebook cover
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Japan and Germany under the U.S. Occupation ebook cover
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The Reconstruction Era and The Fragility of Democracy ebook cover
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The Bilingual School in the United States: A Documentary History ebook cover
Limitations and Possibilities of Dialogue among Researchers, Policymakers, and Practitioners ebook cover
Inclusion in Urban Educational Environments ebook cover
Japanese and American Education: Attitudes and Practices ebook cover
Language of the Land: Policy, Politics, Identity. Studies in the History of Education. ebook cover
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Balancing Change and Tradition in Global Education Reform ebook cover
$46.15 $57.99