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German Radical Pietism ebook cover
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The Writings of Henry Barrow, 1587-1590 ebook cover
The Trinitarian Theology of Jonathan Edwards: Text, Context, and Application ebook cover
The Social Significance of Religion in the Enlarged Europe ebook cover
The Public Face of African New Religious Movements in Diaspora ebook cover
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Classifying Christians ebook cover
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Down in the Valley: An Introduction to African American Religious History ebook cover
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The Lost Scriptures and Divergent Doctrine ebook cover
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Gods in the Desert: Religions of the Ancient Near East ebook cover
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Religion and the Cold War: A Global Perspective ebook cover
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Between Christian and Jew: Conversion and Inquisition in the Crown of Aragon, 1250-1391 ebook cover
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The Geography of Religion: Faith, Place, and Space ebook cover
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Lemkin on Genocide ebook cover
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From an Antique Land: An Introduction to Ancient Near Eastern Literature ebook cover
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Inquisition and Power: Catharism and the Confessing Subject in Medieval Languedoc ebook cover
From Viracocha to the Virgin of Copacabana: Representation of the Sacred at Lake Titicaca ebook cover
The Altar at Home: Sentimental Literature and Nineteenth-Century American Religion ebook cover
Ritual Texts for the Afterlife: Orpheus and the Bacchic Gold Tablets ebook cover
The Pre-Reformation Church in England 1400-1530 ebook cover
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Few Call it War: Religious Terrorism: Then and Now ebook cover
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Getting to Know the Church Fathers: An Evangelical Introduction ebook cover
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Sacred Scents in Early Christianity and Islam ebook cover
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The Society of Jesus in Ireland, Scotland, and England, 1589-1597 ebook cover
Varieties of Seventeenth- and Early Eighteenth-Century English Radicalism in Context ebook cover