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Sing a New Song: Portraits of Canada's Crusading Bishops ebook cover
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The Meaning of Pentecost in Early Methodism ebook cover
$57.80 $72.99
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A Biblical Case for an Old Earth ebook cover
$14.25 $18.00
Soul Sisters: The Five Sacred Qualities of a Woman's Soul ebook cover
A Book Forged in Hell: Spinoza's Scandalous Treatise and the Birth of the Secular Age ebook cover
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The Yugas ebook cover
$13.10 $15.99
A Very Brief History of Eternity ebook cover
Spiritual Marketplace: Baby Boomers and the Remaking of American Religion ebook cover
The Historical Jesus in Context ebook cover
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Islam in China: Religion, Ethnicity, Culture, and Politics ebook cover
$34.85 $46.99
Rethinking "Gnosticism": An Argument for Dismantling a Dubious Category ebook cover
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The End of Illusions: Religious Leaders Confront Hitler's Gathering Storm ebook cover
$30.45 $37.99
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The Book of Jubilees; The Little Genesis, The Apocalypse of Moses ebook cover
$7.00 $9.99
Who's Who in Christianity ebook cover
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Journeys East: 20th Century Western Encounters with Eastern Religious Traditions ebook cover
$9.75 $12.50
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Of God and Gods: Egypt, Israel, and the Rise of Monotheism ebook cover
$12.45 $14.95
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The Destruction of the Christian Tradition, Updated and Revised: Updated and Revised ebook cover
$7.65 $9.99
The "Book of Mormon": A Biography ebook cover
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The Holiness Revival of the Nineteenth Century: 2nd Ed. ebook cover
$51.60 $64.99
Bible Myths and Their Parallels in Other Religions ebook cover
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Muslim Europe or Euro-Islam ebook cover
$32.05 $39.99
The Curse of Ham: Race and Slavery in Early Judaism, Christianity, and Islam ebook cover
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The Betrayal of Tradition: Essays on the Spiritual Crisis of Modernity ebook cover
$8.60 $10.95