History & Philosophy Ebooks

Mediaeval and Renaissance Logic ebook cover
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19 NINETEEN: God's Signature in Nature and Scripture ebook cover
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The Many Valued and Nonmonotonic Turn in Logic ebook cover
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Landmark Writings in Western Mathematics 1640-1940 ebook cover
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Logic and the Modalities in the Twentieth Century ebook cover
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Mind and Nature: Selected Writings on Philosophy, Mathematics, and Physics ebook cover
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Schaum's Outline of Beginning Finite Mathematics ebook cover
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History of Functional Analysis ebook cover
Greek, Indian and Arabic Logic ebook cover
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Irreligion: A Mathematician Explains Why the Arguments for God Just Don't Add Up ebook cover
Stalking the Riemann Hypothesis: The Quest to Find the Hidden Law of Prime Numbers ebook cover
Mathematicians Fleeing from Nazi Germany: Individual Fates and Global Impact ebook cover
Morphogenesis ebook cover
Basic Math and Pre-Algebra For Dummies ebook cover
An Introduction to the Early Development of Mathematics ebook cover
Finding Zero: A Mathematician's Odyssey to Uncover the Origins of Numbers ebook cover
A History of Pi ebook cover
Birth of a Theorem: A Mathematical Adventure ebook cover
The History of Mathematics: A Brief Course ebook cover
The Development of Mathematics Throughout the Centuries ebook cover
Infinitesimal ebook cover
Mathematics for the Liberal Arts ebook cover
Mathematics and the Real World ebook cover
An Accidental Statistician: The Life and Memories of George E. P. Box ebook cover