Home & Community Care Ebooks

There's No Place Like Home: Place and Care in an Ageing Society ebook cover
Supporting People with Dementia at Home ebook cover
Towards Professional Wisdom: Practical Deliberation in the People Professions ebook cover
Learning and Mobilising for Community Development ebook cover
Knowledge-in-Practice in the Caring Professions: Multidisciplinary Perspectives ebook cover
Evidence-Based Geriatric Nursing Protocols for Best Practice, Fifth Edition ebook cover
$81.75 $94.99
Compassionate Person-Centered Care for the Dying ebook cover
$60.20 $64.99
Managing Long-term Conditions and Chronic Illness in Primary Care ebook cover
Person-Centred Teams ebook cover
Nursing Rural America: Perspectives From the Early 20th Century ebook cover
$55.65 $59.99
Recovery from Addiction in Communal Living Settings: The Oxford House Model ebook cover
The Essential Guide to Public Health and Health Promotion ebook cover
The Health Handbook for Schools ebook cover
Key Themes in Public Health ebook cover
Community-Based Participatory Health Research, Second Edition ebook cover
$69.30 $74.99
Rural Nursing: Concepts, Theory, and Practice, Fourth Edition ebook cover
$73.85 $79.99
Fast Facts for Health Promotion in Nursing: Promoting Wellness in a Nutshell ebook cover
Introduction to Aboriginal Health and Health Care in Canada: Bridging Health and Healing ebook cover
$53.85 $57.99
Community Health Nursing Test Success: An Unfolding Case Study Review ebook cover
$41.95 $44.99
Nurse-Led Clinics: Practical Issues ebook cover
Healthy Places, Healthy People ebook cover
Fast Facts for the Faith Community Nurse: Implementing FCN/Parish Nursing in a Nutshell ebook cover
Fast Facts for the School Nurse: School Nursing in a Nutshell ebook cover
Nurse-Managed Wellness Centers ebook cover
$67.40 $77.99